How Chiropractic May Improve Your Running

runningThe Bathurst Park Run, held every Saturday at 8am, is a great way to enjoy regular exercise. This free-to-enter race has become quite a social event with many walking the 5km circuit of Bicentennial Park with their children in prams or jogging along with their four-legged friends. The average run time for 5km’s is approximately 25 minutes and can be faster depending on the level of the individual. Walkers may take over an hour to finish.

Some enthusiastic runners try to improve their timed performances of the previous week, unaware that their mobility and speed could be vastly enhanced with the help of a chiropractor.

Mobility And Flexibility

Chiropractic care concentrates on the coordination of the central nervous system with the brain and the skeletal frame by fine-tuning the body’s joints and muscles. A Chiropractor can identify stresses and strains within the system that can be treated by a series of movements and exercises designed to realign the body’s framework, greatly improving mobility and flexibility. For instance mobility can be affected by a lack of core flexibility in the lower back, but balance and suppleness can be increased with Chiropractic care.

Running Speed and Stride

The optimum running speed is calculated to be 180 strides every minute. Therefore a runner with a longer stride, but not necessarily longer legs, will reach the winning line before a runner with a shorter stride. The length of stride is determined by the flexibility in the hips. A runner with greater hip suppleness will have an increased stride angle which is the distance between the legs when in motion. Chiropractic treatment can improve a runner’s ability to gradually lengthen their stride by using a series of movements to break down any obstructing microfibers, streamlining the hip joints and muscles. By improving the stride angle by just one degree, a runner’s stride can increase by approximately 2%. For every five degrees of improvement a runner can gain 10% in speed, which means if a runner could previously complete the Bathurst Run in twenty five minutes, after a course of Chiropractic treatment, he/she could finish two to three minutes faster.

Runner’s Knee

Many runners find they suffer at some point from Runner’s Knee or Patellofemora Pain Syndrome (PFPS), particularly when speeding up or down one of the three pronounced hills in Bicentennial Park. Runner’s Knee can be caused through a build up of tiny microfibers or a misalignment in the hips or lumbar region. A Chiropractor is skilled at identifying the source of the problem and can, through a range of specific exercises and movements, disperse any restrictive scar tissue.

Air In The Joints – what’s that popping sound?

Occasionally the joints can be affected by gas or air becoming trapped in them which then affects their suppleness. The air bubbles in the bony joint are made up different gases, mainly of carbon dioxide then nitrogen and oxygen. Runners can sometimes hear a popping sound in their knees, a clear indication of an accumulation of air. Chiropractic techniques are designed to release the trapped air bubble, restoring flexibility to the joint.

On The Run

Runners who want to improve their speed in the Bathurst Park Run could find their performances greatly enhanced with the help of a Bathurst Chiropractor. Call (02) 6331 1004 now to schedule an appointment


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