Curbing Down that Stress Level

stressIt’s Men’s Health Week in June and we’re focusing on stress.  Cut throat competition is a common issue in today’s world, and the desire to out-perform and move up the ladder carries its own problems. The resultant long-term stress can create issues in our lives affecting us mentally as well as physically. Stress management is therefore a necessary part of our lives.

The autonomic nervous system is an integral part of the stress response, and according to Bathurst Chiropractor Dr. Ben Purcell, it is an effective window into the effects of stress on our body. According to reports, almost 75% of the men in the world are affected by stress, due to work, money and various other factors.

Some Crucial Causes of Stress

The cause of stress can be internal or external, depending on your life situation. The following points are examples of some crucial causes that can give rise to stress:

  • Issues in the workplace or school
  • Financial worries
  • Relationship problems with partner, family or children
  • Feeling worthless or generally pessimistic
  • Unclear expectations about life or poor decision-making skills
  • Discrimination in society

Autonomic Nervous System in Balancing Stress Level

Dr. Purcell says that the Autonomic Nervous System acts like the life support center for our bodies; controlling blood pressure, hormones, heart rate and various other bodily functions, including our stress level, and is critical in maintaining a healthy, balanced body.

We all know life can get busy and at times complicated, and this is when stress takes hold. As a result, your adrenaline levels, heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension and breathing all increase. This healthy response helps get our body through a stressful event and is known as the “fight/flight” response. Problems can occur when our stress lasts longer than minutes or hours and is ongoing for days, weeks, months or even years.

So how do you know you are suffering from stress? A recent study showed that 7 out of 10 people did not know how stressed they were. Do you? Signs such as an increase in muscle tension, headaches, loss of sex drive, digestive issues, weight gain, fatigue, inability to think clearly and recurrent cold and flu’s are all signs that you could be more stressed than you think. Chronic stress can be damaging to our brains, our bodies and how we live our life.

Stress Testing

If you are experiencing stress, or think stress might be a problem for you, get in touch with Bathurst Chiropractor Dr. Ben Purcell. He uses a diagnostic tool called the NeuroInfiniti to measure your body’s physiological stress response. This short, computerised test is a totally non-invasive exam which uses sensors attached to the skin to measure your neurological responses to different types of stress challenges. It measures responses such as heart rate, skin conductance, muscle tension, body temperature and more.

Using the results from the stress test, along with other assessments, Dr Ben can identify the state of your nervous system and make recommendations on how best to treat your stress. Call (02) 6331 1004 now to schedule an appointment.

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